High-Performance JSON Parser
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 NsajsonSajson Public API
 Cbounded_allocationAllocation policy that attempts to fit the parsed AST into an existing memory buffer
 CdocumentRepresents the result of a JSON parse: either is_valid() and the document contains a root value or parse error information is available
 Cdynamic_allocationAllocation policy that uses dynamically-growing buffers for both the parse stack and the AST
 CliteralA convenient way to parse JSON from a string literal
 Cmutable_string_viewA pointer to a mutable buffer, its size in bytes, and strong ownership of any copied memory
 Csingle_allocationAllocation policy that allocates one large buffer guaranteed to hold the resulting AST
 CstringA simple type encoding a pointer to some memory and a length (in bytes)
 CvalueRepresents a JSON value